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Board of Generals

Exclusive weekly meeting to build the future together!

  • By owning a Wunnie you will be eligible to join the decision makers!
  • Board Meeting are exclusive to Discord!
  • They take place at 5 PM ET!
  • Meetings are hosted by the founders!
  • Everyone is encourage to voice their thoughts and opinions!



• Odd Wuns Out - 11 AM ET
Host: @gummyinvasions


• Chewy Chewsday - 5 PM ET
Host: @gummyinvasions @greasyyyy_


• Weird Wuns/Content - Spaces 7 PM ET
Host: @plutongmi

• Watcha Wunnie - 10 PM ET
Hosts: @whatchawunnie_ @nftmummy98


• Wunnie Reactions - 5 PM ET
Host: @gummyinvasions


• Odd Wuns Out - 11 AM ET
Host: @gummyinvasions


  • “Baby Wunnie Tattoo”

  • “Tonight - Single”

  • “Canvas”

  • “Custom Patches”

  • “Custom Pants”

  • “"Global Branding"”


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