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Gummy Invasions is a community-driven brand that offers a unique experience in making Web 3 accessible, relatable, and enjoyable for everyone. It's not just about gum; it's about revolutionizing the way we interact with products and brands. Through our sugar-free gum line featuring various flavors, RFID technology, and a community-focused approach, Gummy Invasions brings together innovation, fun, and collaborative brand building. Help us choose flavors, vote on new packaging and a whole lot more. Join the invasion and be part of reshaping the future of brand interaction and ownership!

The Gummy Invasions app is a portal to an immersive and interactive experience within the Gummy Invasions ecosystem. Through the portal, users can tap their gum to earn points, compete on leaderboards, be rewarded with physical and digital gifts for their loyalty, and engage in various community activities. This portal not only enhances user experience but also contributes to the gamified nature of the Gummy Invasions universe, making it accessible and exciting for all participants. The platform bridges the gap between Web 2 and Web 3, allowing users to easily onboard into the world of decentralized technologies. Through the portal, users can access their custodial "Magic" Web 3 wallets created upon signing up or use their original decentralized wallet. Get ready to explore and taste your loyalty.

United States: 2-5 days
United Arab Emirates: A few hours - 2 days
Rest of World: 5 days - 2 weeks


Unique Flavors: Gummy Invasions is all about the experience and that is why we are offering never seen before flavors of gum. These include salted caramel, cucumber-mint, cola, and other functional gum such as coffee (with caffeine), pre-workout (with BCAAs), vitamin (with vitamin C & B). In addition, we will have some classic flavors like mint, banana, and strawberry (all sugar free).

Packaging: The Gummy Invasions packaging is something completely new in the chewing gum industry. It is based around our digital character and the storyline, and there are even AR (Augmented Reality) features built in for customers to play with. We wanted to make the most immersive and vibrant experience possible for people to enjoy. Additionally, our portal can be accessed by scanning the NFC/RFID sticker found on every pack of Gummy Invasions chewing gum. By tapping their phone on the sticker, users can enter the portal and collect points that allow them to enter raffles for various physical and digital prizes such as apparel, digital assets, unreleased gum, and more.

Health Conscious: Finally, Gummy Invasions is committed to providing high-quality chewing gum that meets international standards and FDA certification. Our gum is not only sugar-free but also aspartame-free (strawberry and cola) and contains xylitol, which has been shown to promote oral health. By prioritizing quality and health, we aim to offer a unique and enjoyable experience for our customers, while staying true to our values and vision for the brand

You earn points by tapping your Gummy Invasions gum on the “Scan to Earn Points” Button on the Chainbridge portal. Each tap awards you points, which can be accumulated over time. These points can then be used to climb the gamified leaderboard, enter raffles, redeem exciting rewards, and participate in various community activities. It's a fun and interactive way to engage with the Gummy Invasions universe while enjoying your delicious gum!


With the points you earn by tapping your Gummy Invasions gum on the Chainbridge portal, you can engage in various rewarding activities:

-Climb the Leaderboard: Accumulate points to rise through the ranks on the gamified leaderboard, showcasing your dedication and participation within the Gummy Invasions community.

-Redeem Rewards: Use your points to unlock a range of exciting rewards, both digital and physical. These rewards could include exclusive content, limited-edition NFTs, merchandise, and more.

-Participate in Raffles: Exchange your points for entries into raffles and giveaways, giving you a chance to win exclusive items or experiences within the Gummy Invasions universe.

-Influence Decisions: Your earned points might grant you the ability to participate in polls or votes that influence future brand decisions, such as new flavors or packaging designs.

-Access Exclusive Content: Some points might unlock special digital content or experiences, giving you a deeper connection to the Gummy Invasions world.

In essence, these points are your key to unlock a world of engagement, rewards

Climbing the ranks and achieving a higher position on the leaderboard not only offers the exciting prospect of becoming the top gum chewer among your friends but also holds the key to unlocking an array of exclusive benefits. As you ascend to higher ranks, these privileges become more attainable and rewarding. Other benefits are:

Community Recognition: Higher ranks can symbolize your commitment and engagement within the Gummy Invasions community. This recognition can foster a sense of pride and belonging among like-minded enthusiasts.

Networking Opportunities: Gaining a higher rank often means connecting with others who share your level of engagement. This can lead to meaningful connections, discussions, and collaborations within the community.

Fun and Achievement: Ranking up is a gamified aspect of the Gummy Invasions experience. It's a way to challenge yourself, set goals, and experience the satisfaction of progress and achievement.

Ranking up is not just about benefits; it's also a rewarding journey of fun and achievement. It adds a gamified layer to your Gummy Invasions experience, allowing you to set and reach new goals while relishing the joy of progress and accomplishment.

Currently, the only way to earn more points is to get more Gummy Invasions gum and scan them on the "Scan to Earn Points" Button.

Worldwide: www.gummyinvasions.io/collections/shop-all

Retailers coming Soon…

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Embark on a cosmic journey with the Wunnies, intergalactic beings crafting the galaxy's finest gum. As they set their sights on Earth for their next invasion, you're invited to join their ranks. A Gummy Invasions NFT (Wunnie) is your ticket to this thrilling digital realm, unlocking exclusive perks: product discounts, cashback referral codes, app privileges, network access, and even brand influence. This VIP pass to the Gummy Invasions universe ensures you're not only part of the community but also granted exciting extra benefits!

A Wunnie is your key to our exclusive Gummy Invasions membership, granting you entry to our vibrant community. But why should you join this coveted circle? By becoming a part of our exclusive membership, you'll gain access to a world of unique benefits and opportunities. Connect with like-minded individuals, influence brand decisions, enjoy special perks, and embark on a journey that's not just about gum, but about shaping the future of our brand and the exciting universe we're building together. So, if you're ready to make your mark and be a part of something extraordinary. There are only 777 spots in our membership, joining our exclusive membership is the way to go!

Imagine the internet as a giant playground where we do all sorts of things like sharing pictures, chatting with friends, and buying stuff.

Now, the way we do these things is controlled by big companies who own the playground and set all the rules. They decide who can play, what games we can play, and they keep a close eye on everything we do.

But imagine if this playground worked differently. Imagine if instead of big companies controlling everything, we all had a say in how things worked. That's a bit like Web 3.

In Web 3, the playground is more like a shared space where everyone can join in. There are no big companies calling all the shots. Instead, we use a special technology called "blockchain" to keep track of everything. It's like a public record that everyone can see, and it's really hard to change anything without everyone agreeing.

So, in Web 3, we have more control over our own stuff. We can own digital things like art or even virtual land. And we can do things without needing permission from big companies. It's like having a playground where everyone gets a say, and we can all play together in a fair and open way.

Imagine NFTs as super special digital items. "NFT" stands for "Non-Fungible Token," which might sound fancy, but it just means each one is totally unique.

These digital items are like certificates that say, "Hey, this is one-of-a-kind and belongs to you!" They're stored securely on the internet using something called a blockchain. Think of a blockchain as a super strong, unchangeable record book.

But what's cool is that NFTs are more than just pretty pictures. They can be anything digital – art, music, videos, even virtual real estate! And here's the really neat part: because they're special and unique, people can use them like tickets to get into special places online or to enjoy cool things like discounts, virtual parties, and exclusive content.

Imagine you have a magical key that only you can use. This key lets you open doors to secret rooms full of fun surprises. Well, NFTs are like those magical keys. They're your way of showing that you own something cool and unique on the internet. So, if you see someone waving around an NFT, you'll know they're part of an awesome club with all kinds of special perks!A Gummy Invasions NFT (Wunnie) gives you a special ticket to an exciting digital world! This NFT unlocks exclusive perks and experiences. You get access to discounts on products, referral codes with cashback abilities, special perks on the app, being a part of an amazing exclusive network, and even the chance to influence decisions about the brand, like flavor and packaging voting. It's like having a VIP pass to the coolest parts of the Gummy Invasions universe. So, owning a Gummy Invasions NFT not only means you're part of the community, but it also opens the door to a bunch of awesome extra perks!

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-Join Our Discord
: Dive into our Discord server, where you'll connect with fellow Wunnies and the Gummy Invasions team. Engage in discussions, share ideas, and stay updated on all things sweet. Don't miss our weekly board meetings on Wednesdays at 5 pm ET, where you'll gain insights into the brand's direction and actively participate in shaping it.

-Share Your Gummy Moments: Post pictures of your Gummy Invasions chewing gum on your social media platforms and tag us. Your posts add to the community's vibrant tapestry and showcase your love for our unique flavors.

-Follow Us on X (Formerly Twitter): Stay connected on Twitter for real-time updates, community conversations, and exciting announcements. It's a dynamic platform to engage with the Gummy Invasions buzz and connect with other enthusiasts.

-Empower Your Friends: Use your Membership referral codes to offer your friends irresistible discounts on our products while earning cashback for yourself. Sharing the Gummy Invasions experience with your friends becomes even sweeter!

-Connect on X (formerly Twitter)  Group Chats: Follow us on X and message our account to be added to one of our group chats on X. It's a hub of lively discussions, quick updates, and behind-the-scenes peeks. Stay in the loop with the latest happenings and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion.

-Participate in Twitter Spaces: Tune in to our engaging Twitter Spaces sessions throughout the week. From "Odd Wuns Out" on Mondays at 10 AM ET to "Chewy Chewsdays" on Tuesdays at 5 pm ET and more, these interactive discussions let you connect with the community in real-time.

-Explore Instagram: Follow us on Instagram for a visual feast of all things Gummy Invasions. You'll discover new flavors, behind-the-scenes insights, and captivating visuals that showcase the heart of our brand.

-Stay Updated on Threads and TikTok: Keep an eye on Threads and TikTok for bite-sized content that keeps you informed and entertained. It's a fun way to catch up on the latest news and community happenings.

Send an email to info@invsn.io and we will get back to you before you know it to answer any questions or concerns!

We drop three flavors with unique packages once and they will never be seen again, next drop will feature new flavors with new packaging.